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Launching a new Website
I'm Not Crazy
I'm about to launch my new website to showcase my skills and interests. Take a look and leave some feedback. Tell all your friends. :p


Stay Gold,

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Dang girl! You certainly have a lot going on these days, don't you? :O You want to be my PR girl when I piece together a band and make it big?

...hey, I can dream right? xD

Hey, that would be the perfect scenario. :p You would get to be all big and famous, rocking out. And I would get to manage a band like I've been wanting to. :p

You better call me when it happens. ;)

(And on a not at all related note, awww, I've missed Wilson's o face. hahaha)

It's totally related! Wilson's o face is always on topic... didn't they tell you? ;) (I have no idea who "they" are, for the record :P)

*waves at Karla face* xD

At least my bass is finally coming in the mail and should be here on Wednesday... I've been waiting almost two months for that thing to come off back order :P Now all I'll have to do is practice and piece together a band once I move back to Lansing again. I like to delude myself and say it won't be hard but... yeah, it will be :P

I don't even care if you're super busy and swamped with people if I ever make it big... I'd come down there, steal you, and toss you on my bus. Wait, no... that'd be kidnapping. I'd show up with a banana backpack and SCARE you onto the bus! Wait, no... that might be assault. Hmmm... I'll just show up and use my very best puppy dog face and hope you come along willingly :P That seems like the least felonious of the bunch xD

Heehee, my Karla got happy. lmao!

I saw your post about the bass. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you're kind of happy about that? Hahaha.

You know, if you showed up with a puppy, I'd probably follow that puppy dog face anywhere. :p I'm a sucker for baby furry things.

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