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It's the one thing.

You are my thing.

I'm Ali - obsessive, especially about tv shows, movies, and music that I love. Check out my interests for an idea of what that generally consists of. At this point in my life, my most potent obsessions are House M.D., British entertainment, Tommy Lee, Dave Navarro, Marty Casey and the Lovehammers, and INXS - past and present. (A big emphasis, of course, on INXS. Just take a look at the pictures below if you don't believe me.) I'm sarcastic, sometimes to the point of being snide. I've been told that I'm optimistic and that I'm pessimistic. It seems to be the general consensus that I just like to see the other side of things, whether it be the bright side or the downside. I tend to try seeing things from all points of view, when given the chance. I don't consider myself terribly interesting, but compared to most of my age demographic, I consider myself fairly odd. Mostly because I don't try to be odd. I like answering questions, so I have fun doing surveys. Like I've told friends, I can be interviewed, but I can't write an autobiography.

Also, must credit euterpeslullaby for the House mood theme. :)

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Oh would you look at the pretty (not to mention the talent)

See Garry fly. Fly, Garry, fly!

Behold the beauty of the saxxy guitarist

Adorkability at it's finest.

Still rockin' (drums and hips)

Lookin' Snazzy, T-Bone.

Check out Dave's show; now THAT'S entertainment!

Could this be the most beautiful man in the world?

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